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InfiniteT3ch provides a list of tools and services that help you integrate, prototype and deploy cloud related technologies on public IaaS

Storage Needs

thinking of using cloud storage? Our cloud storage services cover all areas of storage needs and we offer solutions for data warehousing, block storage and object storage. Our storage services are designed to be exclusive to your needs, reliable and up to date with latest storage practices.


Our compute services help you transition your on-premise server stack into full cloud dedicated hosts/VMs/containers as well as make use of the best pricing approach for your needs.

Serverless and PaaS

migration of existing tools/scripts into automated serverless services. We offer full transition of existing software to make use of serverless and PaaS deployment techniques.

How it works?


understanding your current cloud or on-premise hosted software and its challenges.


development of a plan that is optimized based on your needs and integration of cloud resources.


full integration of the plan on public IaaS


plans and routines to keep your cloud services as effective and cost efficient as possible.

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